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Solutions, Ideas and Implementation.

At ASG, we view the whole picture.
At ASG, we view the whole picture. Be it a political campaign or a corporate outreach program, too often consultants take a silver bullet approach that is limited to their narrow area of expertise. We believe a campaign is only as strong as its weakest link, and we have a proven record of creating winning initiatives that are well rounded and guarantee long-term, beneficial relationships between clients and the people they serve.

Strategic Counsel: Keeping the Big Picture in Mind
Our philosophy puts the highest premium on delivering value, message continuity, and most importantly, winning outcomes for our clients.

  • Governmental Relations
  • Business Consulting
  • Political Consulting

Political and Business Products: Creating Integrated Communications Programs
We create economies by offering a diverse mix of in-house production and outside vendor relationships guaranteeing low-cost, high-volume quality communications.

  • Branding
  • Online Strategies
  • Direct Mail
  • Print, Radio and Television Advertising

Opinion Research: Analyzing Public Opinion
The most basic component of winning a contract, an election, or a public dialogue is having a fundamental understanding of the attitudes and arguments surrounding the issue at hand.

  • Public Opinion Research
  • Market Research
  • Focus Groups

Communications: Getting the Message Out
We work to craft clear, concise messages that hit home with opinion leaders and everyday citizens, alike, often and from every direction.

  • Message Development
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications

Grassroots Programs and Campaigns: Building From the Ground Up
Sometimes the most basic part of success is the most overlooked. The simple fact is that the public’s will is almost never wrong. If voters and end-users are on your side, you should never lose.

  • Grassroots Community Outreach
  • Coalition and Leverage Building
  • Community Development Consulting

Data & Analytics
We know that effective programs are grounded in data - we work with clients to calculate their quantitative goals and establish accountability systems.
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